The newest of our picks - Eleanor Catton's award-winning 'The Luminaries'.

  Photo courtesy of Random House of Canada.

If you’re looking for
War and Peace, you’ve come to the wrong “long book” list. This here is a celebration of all those hefty-but-breezy books, the kind chock full of twists and turns, salacious story lines and dramatic chapter endings (the kind where you ‘just-ten-more-pages’ yourself into staying up to 3 a.m. on a Tuesday). And let’s not forget the fringe-benefits of the over-600-pagers: an unintentional tricep work-out, four books for the price of one, and they make far more structurally stable bedside book-piles than those slippery little literary fictions numbers. So save your Middlemarch and your Proust for another lifetime – here are 4 picks that’ll have you gobbling up the pages faster than a box of Smarties on a Wednesday afternoon.
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