Rainy day fun in Grenada

Nov 26 2010 by
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No sun? No problem. It’s time to eat in Grenada.

By Jennifer Weatherhead I wouldn’t say that I am the beach-type person, but when I found out that I would be going to
Grenada at the end of November, I was honestly over the moon excited. November is just such a blah kind of month, so the chance to soak up some rays and chill on a beach
pre-holiday rush seemed like a heavenly idea. I just landed on the island last night, all set to situate myself on the beach come morning with my laptop and a good book, only to wake up and not see a speck of sunshine. It’s raining — actually, more like a steady down pour.
But really, there was no need to fret, because for starters it’s nearly 30 degrees (that’s certainly warmer than anywhere in Canada right now), and second Grenada is dubbed the Spice Island of the Caribbean (their main exports being nutmeg and cinnamon) … so what better day to dive into the local cuisine and get a hands on lesson for creating Caribbean fare? A stop by
B.B.’s Crabback Restaurant in St. George’s is not only a great spot to sit down for lunch, but you can also make arrangements with owner and chef Brian Benjamin to peek in the kitchen and learn how to make his fave dishes. His infectious personality and passion for good, local food makes him a great teacher. I got my hands dirty today (well, not that dirty, I did a lot more eating than cooking) making Brian’s famous back crab dish — fresh crab meat cooked with herbs, cheese, cream and wine, stuffed into a crab shell — red snapper and banana flambe made with local rum. The process was almost a four hour experience that is totally worth it. And you know what? I looked outside at the rainy harbour and thought, there’s no better way to spend a non-sunny day in the Caribbean.

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