Are your tastes traditional or contemporary? Extravagant or more subdued? Take’s wedding quiz and find out what type of wedding you really crave. You might just surprise yourself!

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1. The perfect way for your boyfriend to propose would be:

A) At a picnic lunch in the park on your two-year anniversary.

B) At a sidewalk café in Paris over a glass of Chardonnay.

C) While shopping on a Saturday afternoon he surprises you with an engagement ring you didn’t even see him buy.

2. You’ve placed all the right hints and know that your engagement ring will be:

A) Three square-cut diamonds on an 18k gold band.

B) A round-cut diamond solitaire on a platinum band.

C) A sunken oval-cut diamond solitaire on an 18k white gold band.

3. In order to throw the wedding of your dreams you’ll need an engagement of at least:

A) Six months.

B) One year.

C) Two years.

4. If money were no object, the designer you’d hire to create your wedding dress would be:

A) Issy Miyake

B) Vera Wang

C) Tom Ford

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5. Choosing your bridesmaids is a real struggle but you’ve made up your mind and you’re sticking to:

A) Just your sister. She’s your best friend and the only person (besides your fiancé) you want beside you.

B) Your two best friends — the three of you have been through so much together.

C) Your six closest girlfriends (hey, even choosing those was hard!).

6. Your bridal bouquet will be an arrangement of:

A) White and purple calla lilies.

B) Spring tulips and Gerbera daisies.

C) Pink roses.

7. For music at the ceremony you’ll have:

A) A harpist.

B) Classical guitar.

C) A friend play the piano and sing your favourite ballad.

8. You’ve chosen to hold your reception at:

A) A private golf and country club.

B) The hotel ballroom in Cuba following the beach ceremony.

C) Under a tent on your parents’ property.

9. The main course at dinner will be:

A) Stuffed chicken breast with spinach, caramelized pear and asiago cheese.

B) Sliced prime rib of beef with rosemary potatoes and a Cabernet reduction.

C) No sit-down dinner — just passed hors d’oeuvres and food stations at a cocktail reception.

10. Your wedding cake will be:

A) Six layers of white sponge cake with fillings of white chocolate and raspberry mousse.

B) Three layers of chocolate cheesecake covered in vanilla buttercream and decorated with handmade chocolate flowers.

C) Black and white cupcakes emblazoned with your and your fiancé’s initials.

11. For wedding gifts you’ve decided to register at:

A) Pottery Barn and Williams-Sonoma.

B) Flight Centre.

C) The Bay.

12. For your honeymoon you’ll be heading to:

A) Costa Rica, for two weeks at an intimate jungle resort high in the mountains.

B) Niagara Falls, for a weekend of gambling, followed by a week in wine country that includes estate tours, five-star cuisine and a romantic B&B.

C) Spain, for a few days in Madrid and a week in Barcelona to get a real taste for the art and architecture, fantastic shopping and amazing food.

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1. a 2; b 1; c 3

2. a 1; b 2; c 3

3. a 3; b 2; c 1

4. a 3; b 1; c 2

5. a 3; b 2; c 1

6. a 2; b 3; c 1

7. a 1; b 2; c 3

8. a 1; b 3; c 2

9. a 2; b 1; c 3

10. a 1; b 2; c 3

11. a 2; b 3; c 1

12. a 1; b 3; c 2

Your score: ________

(12-20) The classic bride

You’ve been planning this day since you were a little girl, but you still need a long engagement to pull off your ultimate dream wedding! Tradition is very important to you and you’re not willing to compromise on your vision — fairy-tale dress, your handsome prince and 300 guests at the clubhouse is how you picture your perfect day.

(21-28) The 21st century bride

A cocktail reception is more your speed than a formal sit-down dinner. You love tradition but you also like to mix things up, and you understand that it may be your special day, but your guests are as important in making it successful as is the perfect bouquet.

(29-36) The free-spirit bride

You’re the ultimate modern bride. A destination wedding, perhaps? An avant-garde dress that really makes a statement? Or maybe it’s just a really great party that you crave. Your expectations are focused on the marriage rather than the wedding, and all you really want is the man you fell in love with.

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