sweet lovely bakes gingerbread house   This morning at ELLE HQ, we took a break from the looming deadline of getting our February issue to the printers to take a little walk in a winter wonderland…or at least we all spent a significant amount of time huddled around this snowy gingerbread scene, marveling at all the details and sweet touches (like using sugar swizzle sticks for icicles…genius). Did we mention our entire office smells like Christmas now too?! This festive distraction came to us courtesy of
Sweet Lovely Bakes, a Toronto area purveyor of hand-crafted treats for any occasion when you might want some delectable yet stylish. Case in point: Along with the gingerbread house, our delivery included cookies, macarons, cupcakes, eclairs and more gingerbread, all decorated in co-ordinating shades of silver and white. Very pretty…and very delicious. (There was just one lonely eclair left by 11 am…!) We chatted with Valerie Cardozo, the recent design school grad turned small business owner, about her business, her favourite treats, and her top tips for holiday baking: