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bake shoppe torontoThe list was cute, but the contents were so much better!

As we huddled around this month’s
#productionpastries delivery, the ELLE Canada team tried to find the right way to describe the particular "style" of the goodies from Toronto’s Bake Shoppe. In between mouthfuls of salty-but-sweet Ruffles Marshmallow squares, homemade Nutella pop tarts and decadent Carmelita bars, we tossed around "nostalgia chic", "retro-licious" and "like Grandma’s but better". In the end though, we settled on "SO GOOOOD". Read on to find out more about Bake Shoppe, straight from the mouth of owner Cindy Coelho! This will be of particular interest if the words "nutella" "brown butter" and "cookie" together sound good to you…

Cindy, what’s your first baking memory? When I was about 7 or 8 years old, I would sit beside my grandma and watch her bake Portuguese cookies and doughnuts. She would let me help her roll the dough and sprinkle sugar and cinnamon on the doughnuts.
As a baker, what do you actually eat when you want something sweet? My favourite sweet indulgence is our S’mores bar. We do a graham crust with a rich chocolate centre and a homemade vanilla marshmallow to top it off. We also toast it upon ordering. It’s actually my favourite treat right now!
What’s your pro-advice to all of us home bakers? What our biggest mistake? The biggest mistakes that home bakers make is not reading the recipe properly and making their own substitutions. I can’t tell you how many home bakers come into our shoppe and tell us that they are following a recipe but they didn’t have an ingredient so they used whatever they had in their cupboard or fridge and they are wondering why their cookies or cake is ruined.
What’s the story behind Bake Shoppe? I started The Wedding Cake Shoppe from a home studio and my sister, Sarah, was so intrigued and wanted to learn how to bake and make edible art. I taught her everything related to baking and decorating and a couple of years later we opened The Wedding Cake Shoppe on College. The retail space has been opened for almost 6 years and as new cupcake and cake shops began opening up around the city, we started to realized we needed a change to be different and stand out from all the others. We decided to change our cute, and very girly wedding cake store into a bakery specializing in nostalgic desserts. We rebranded and opened Bake Shoppe at the end of September of 2014. We are very much still The Wedding Cake Shoppe, and wedding cakes are still our bread and butter, however our retail space is a more family friendly bakery.
What’s your most popular item right now? Our best seller is definitely our nutella brown butter cookies. They are filled with nutella and topped with sea salt. We sell out of them everyday. People just can’t get enough of them. We would love to be fully stocked with them everyday, but they are the most time consuming and temperamental cookie we’ve ever made, but definitely worth all the time and work!
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