Prince Harry reveals he’s looking for love

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Prince Harry Visits New Zealand - Day 2All alone, with nobody to walk in the rainforest with. (Getty)

Prince Harry is currently in New Zealand, which apparently seemed as appropriate a place as any to open up about how lonely the royal life is, and how much he’d like kids. Also, to dangle the fact that he has exclusive pictures of Charlotte, texted to him straight from Papa Cambridge’s phone.

Talking to Sky News, Harry got all vulnerable and stuff, sharing: "It would be great to have someone else next to me to share the pressure, but you know, time will come and whatever happens, happens."

The 30 year-old went on to say how much he’d love to have kids "right now", which inevitably turned the conversation to a certain other royal infant. Tease that he is, Harry (who was away in Australia when Charlotte’s birth went down) mentioned that Will had sent him a picture of the new princess before everyone else "which was nice".

That would have been a great moment for him to offer to show us all (chicks dig babies, etc), but since Haz wasn’t forthcoming, talk moved on to that other pillar of life crises, his career, and what happens when he leaves the army:

"If people can trust that I’ll make the right decision and hopefully, whatever that is, I’ll make them proud," explained the prince. "I’ve got to the stage when I’m very happy that I’ve done ten years in the services. There’s part of me that – especially post-Australia – that would love to keep on doing that."

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