Prince Harry played matchmaker; should probably stick to being a prince

May 12 2015 by
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Prince Harry Visits New Zealand - Day 4Caption this. (Getty)

Those who can’t do, teach, and those who can’t find love…well, they play matchmaker, don’t they Prince Harry?
The 30 year old royal (who just yesterday earned the sympathy of all the nations when
he admitted its a lonely red-head that wears the princely crown) put his own pain aside to lend a helping hand to two (very young) New Zealanders who
he met in the crowd yesterday. Harry spotted the two babies sitting side by side in the crowd, and struck by a flash of The Sight (everyone knows all gingers have it), pronounced "You two look good together." We’re not entirely sure how successful this little bit of matchmaking was however: The lass in question appears to be protesting loudly, and the young gent…well, he’s having none of this, royal decree or not.
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