Prince Harry Hearts Emojis

Mar 18 2014 by
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Prince Harry Visits The United States - Day FivePrince Harry: defiant (supposed) emoji lover. Image courtesy of Getty.

If you thought the royals communicated solely via trumpet-wielding heralds, you’d be wrong (only Prince Phillip still does that, silly). No, Britain’s ruling family are just like us in their embrace of modern technology – but Prince Harry is really, truly one of us.

Long confirming our suspicion that he is in fact the coolest of the royals, an US Weekly article (swallow grain of salt, proceed) is reporting that the red-headed prince is a big fan of emojis, littering his texts to GF Cressida Bonas with hearts, smileys, and yes, even winking faces. We assume, like all of us, that he’s even used those weird dancing people, who no on ever has managed to really interpret correctly.

The US Weekly article (which is all about his blossoming relationship with Cressie), also reports that the 29 year-old enjoys taking his gal pal to the lanes for a bit of bowling, where…get ready to love him more…his player name is ‘Ginger Queen’.

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