Prince George met Santa Claus

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Christmas Photographs Of Prince GeorgePrince George had to wait in line for the first time in his life. (Getty)

There are many perks to being a little prince, but when it comes to Santa Claus, even the cutest royals have to stand in line like the rest of us peasants…a fact of life
Prince George had to swallow like a lump of coal this weekend.
Kate and Prince George made an impromptu trip to see the Big Elf, who that day happened to be holding court at "Santa’s Magical Journey", conveniently close to the family’s new country digs in Norfolk. The royal family bought tickets like everyone else, and patiently queued up for their audience with North Pole royalty (when not taking in a winter wonderland sideshow of animated reindeers, penguins and polar bears. The elves were obviously real. Since the contents of a conversation between a little boy and Santa are for their ears only (rightly so), no word on what lil G asked for for his second Christmas.
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