Screen Shot 2015-06-13 at 8.49.15 AMWhat a guy. (Image courtesy the BBC)

Today was meant to be some fancy parade (there were horses) in honor of the Queen’s birthday, but a certain little royal stole the show. And we’re pretty sure the Queen couldn’t even mind, because like all of human-kind, his adorableness melted her into a gooey mess. Prince George had a grand old time today at the Trooping of the Colour—giggling as he watched mummy and daddy go by, pointing at all the airplanes as they flew by, and of course, acing his very first balcony appearance (that royal wave was on fleek, dude). In a lovely little touch, George was actually wearing a family heirloom today—the very same cream and blue little suit his own dad wore for his first balcony appearance. And no, Charlotte wasn’t there. Although some lady named Kate Middleton was there too, maybe?
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