Pippa Middleton: television star?

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Today - Season 63Pippa, posing for her first awkward colleague photo with Matt? (Image courtesy of Getty)

So the party planning and newspaper column-ing may not have worked out – but could
Pippa Middleton be about to try her hand at being a TV journalist?
Rumours are swirling that Pippa, 30 year old sis of
that girl named Kate, has been approached by NBC’s Today show to be a correspondent. It is a fact that Pips sat down with Matt Lauer recently for her first-ever television interview, which will air next week (but of course you already had that DVR’d). We assume, should this actually be true, that Pippa’s role would involve in-depth reports on the crisis in the Middle East, hard-hitting interviews with Capitol Hill movers-and-shakers, and only the very, very occasional "what to wear to the polo" segment.
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