#pieday: All things pumpkin and delicious at Nature’s Emporium

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natures-emporium-pumpkin-cheesecakeGluten-free pumpkin pie cheesecake. #saywhat

Here at
ELLE Canada, some of the best days at the office involve baked goods. At this time of year, wrapped in our
cozy knits while we still find the autumnal chill charming, we favour all things pumpkin. So to keep our office festive before the long weekend, we brought in some home-baked pie goodness–not ours, but the admittedly better, organic kind found at
Nature’s Emporium. The health food market, which serves up fresh and in-store made pumpkin pie (plus to-die-for vegan cakes, but let’s focus here) can be found at two locations in York Region, not a far trek for the downtown crowd at either their Newmarket or recently opened Vaughan locations.

natures-emporium-chia-puddingPumpkin chia pudding, which is like pumpkin pie’s healthy breakfast equivalent.

The ELLE team indulged (#shameless) in possibly every iteration of pumpkin baked goods offered at their in-house bakery: pumpkin cheesecake, pumpkin pie (all gluten free) and as well as pumpkin chia pudding, and a savoury concoction of goat cheese, pumpkin puree and candied pecans. And made with organic and natural ingredients, this is basically health food, people. Don’t mind us while we roll into the long weekend, primed for obviously more pumpkin goodness.
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