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Lesia Kohut, owner of Toronto-based LPK’s Culinary Groove ( gives ELLE her suggestions for the most delectable wedding cakes.

• If having a tiered cake, make sure it’s going to be dowelled — otherwise, it will most likely collapse on itself.

• If possible, avoid using fresh flowers directly on/in the wedding cake, unless they are pesticide-free or organic (flowers are heavily pesticided, and often dyed).

• If the cake is to be on display for several hours, avoid mousse and other fresh cream fillings. They won’t necessarily be food safe, the cake will become squishy and it’ll be very difficult to serve nice, clean slices.

On a tight budget?
• Cake designers tend to be more expensive than bakeries, so check out bakeries first.

• Forgo a custom-designed cake.

• Have a very simple design, and very uncomplicated flavour. (Some bakeries and designers charge more for more than one flavour with multitiered cakes.)

• Have a very small display cake (no more than three tiers) and get undecorated cake slabs for service.

• Pick up your cake rather than having it delivered. (Not an option I would recommend, however. The bride and groom do not need the added stress on the day of the wedding.)

• Do your research before setting your budget and have a little bit of flexibility, especially if the wedding cake is important to you.