The Flaming Lips are set to work with Yoko Ono and Bon Iver on their new album.

The psychedelic rockers frontman Wayne Coyne has named a list of stars who will appear on their upcoming release – expected for April – including Nick Cave and Edward Sharpe.

He told Rolling Stone magazine: “All these things happen within a couple of days.

“You set up these collaborations in your mind and immediately get to work.”

Wayne is also hoping to perform a “weird rap” with Kesha on the album, but he admits the collaboration is yet to be set in stone.

He said: “Sometimes it just takes a matter of connecting.

“We knew that she was a fan. There are a lot of these sort of druggy outlets out there that people get connected through.”

Yoko’s group, the Plastic Ono Band, have already worked with The Flaming Lips on a four-song Christmas EP, but the singer was not in the studio for the sessions and had to record her parts remotely, which prevented Wayne from being too star struck.

He explained: “It would be nerve-wracking to be around as someone as mythologised as a Yoko Ono in the studio.

“What would I say? ‘Yoko, could you do that one take again?’