Kelly Clarkson ”doesn’t understand” how singers party all the time when they go on tour.
The 29-year-old beauty is a ”workaholic” and can’t comprehend how people have the time or energy to go out when they are playing gigs around the world.
She said: ”I don’t understand how people do that on the road.
”I’m definitely a workaholic. If you finally get to do the job you love, you work your butt off.”
The ‘Stronger’ hitmaker – who has previously revealed she hit ”rock bottom” in 2006 due to the pressures of fame – still keeps her same circle of friends since becoming a star when she won ‘American Idol’ in 2002, but her parents Jeanne and Stephen have always thought she was going to be a successful singer.
She added to the Daily Mirror newspaper: ”They’ve always been big believers that I was going to be able to sing for a living.
”They always thought it was going to happen for me and have been super supportive, so when I was successful it didn’t really faze them.”