Will Young wants his next album to be ”a bit more soul.”
The ‘Jealousy’ hitmaker went in a more dance music influenced direction for his recent ‘Echoes’ album, but is planning to add a little of a different sound onto his next disc.
He told DigitalSpy.co.uk: ”I want to start writing again. I actually met up with [band] Kish Mauve the other day and we got really excited about writing a record.
”Maybe it’ll be a bit more soul-ey next time. I wouldn’t mind going a bit more soul.”
While he’s already planning the record Will added fans are likes to have to wait for a while before it is released, because he is involved in so many other projects.
He added: ”I think it’ll be a long time. If I’m doing some theatre – which I still don’t know – then that would take me at least to the middle of next year.
”I want to do a bit of music writing. But then I probably won’t have the time. I’m doing a book as well. That’s probably going to take up most of my time.”
Will’s latest single, ‘Losing Myself’ is out now.