White Lies don’t see the point in Christmas songs.

The ‘To Lose my Life’ group have ruled out any chance of recording a festive hit themselves, as they don’t want to have a track which is defined by a particular time of year.

Drummer Jack Lawrence-Brown told NME.com: “I feel like people that to release a Christmas song – a lot of them are people I respect, for sure, but I just feel like they must have a bit of spare time. Because what’s the point?

“They seem a bit weird to me. I don’t know why someone would make a track for one moment specifically for the year.”

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Jack added he prefers the more sombre and downbeat tracks which have been recorded to celebrate the festive season.

He added: “I feel like there’s been some pretty good miserable Christmas albums. I could get along with someone grumpy and pissed off with the world – I could enjoy that.

“It’s when people start to make really upbeat, positive Christmas songs – I feel like it’s a bit of a p***take.”

White Lies are preparing to start recording their third album in early 2012.