Bono doesn’t think U2 are capable of creating a “meaningful” new album.

The lead singer of the ‘Even Better Than The Real Thing’ rockers – who are set to re-release their 1991 album ‘Achtung Baby’ – admitted they are currently working on three albums, but he thinks it’s “unlikely” they will be able to create a significant record people would want to buy.

He told Q magazine: “U2 has been on the verge of irrelevance for 20 years. We’ve ducked and dived and dodged it. We’ve made some great albums, some great songs; laid a few eggs, not that many. Turkeys, I mean. Lots of people have U2 albums – why they would want another one is a reasonable question.

“I don’t know if it’s possible for us to make something current that is meaningful, not just to our audience but to the times we live in.

“But that’s the kind of the job for me and I’m not ready to give it up. I think it’s unlikely we’ll pull it off, but then so has the last 20 years been unlikely.”

Despite being one of the biggest bands in the world, Bono regards U2 as the “most hated” group on Earth as well as the “most loved”, but he thinks that makes them “interesting”.

He added: “We’re the most loved and most hated band on Earth. A lot of the reasons people don’t like us – apart from myself, which I understand because I have to live with me too – are actually what make us interesting.

“Our diversions make us interesting. You might think, ‘Get the singer out of my face!’, and I understand all the projectile vomiting aspects to shaking hands with politicians and having an interest in religion.

“But U2, love or hate them, all the things that shape and form the time, maybe not the fashionista, but all the other things, we’re right there. I hope that makes it an interest spectator sport.”