Two Door Cinema Club worked ”day and night” to remix a song for Lady Gaga.
The ‘I Can Talk’ group – which features Alex Trimble, Kevin Baird and Sam Halliday – were approached by the ‘Edge of Glory’ hitmaker to produce a version of her song ‘Electric Chapel’ for a remix album and although they had a tight deadline to complete it, they jumped at the chance.
Singer Alex told The Sun newspaper: ”She said we only had a week. That’s not a lot of time, especially as we were on tour but I couldn’t turn down such an incredible opportunity. So we worked every single day and night and threw it together. I’m really proud of it.”
The band came to Gaga’s attention after they recorded a live version of her song ‘Poker Face’ in 2010.
The band are currently working on the follow up to debut ‘Tourist History’, and claim it will see them move away from the pop and rock which influenced their first record.
Alex has said: ”All of us have been listening to quite a lot of hip-hop, the last year or so Sam’s been really into Kanye West and Jay-Z and Drake.
”He’s been playing it around the house so it gets in your head, and that has come out in the music.”
The band’s second album is expected to be released this Summer.