Tom Tyler wants to collaborate with Tinie Tempah.
The singer/songwriter has teamed up with Marli Harwood for new single ‘Silence’ but is already looking ahead for future duets to add a new twist to his sound.
He said: ”I always wanted to have one of my tracks remixed and rapped over. There is a lot of rich music in these songs that would be a great support for the right rap artist to work some rhymes over. So I reckon Tinie Tempah would be the right man for the job.”
As well as Tinie, Tom would love to indulge in his love of country music by teaming up with one of his other favourite acts, the Dixie Chicks.
He added to BANG Showbiz: ”It’s a bit of guilty pleasure, but I would love to team up with one of the top country artists in the US, perhaps the Dixie Chicks.
”I love the way they weave simple story telling and humour into their music and they have angelic voices and perfect harmony which is something I’m in really respect. Maybe I get them both together for a country-rap-pop rock mashup?”
Tom’s single, ‘Silence’, featuring Marli Harwood, is released on April 23.