Tom Meighan gets emotional singing the new Kasabian album because the songs are so personal.

The frontman admitted he was surprised by some of the tracks guitarist Serge Pizzorno wrote for their fourth record ‘Velociraptor!’ because past releases have focused on more “surrealist” experiences.

He said: “I think Serge has written these songs about past experiences, and that’s something we haven’t touched on before. We always write about surrealist things like ‘John was a scientist / He was hooked on LSD’ stuff like that.

“It’s like the old songs were fun to sing but the new ones are a bit more … I remember singing ‘ Goodbye Kiss’ in the studio and I got really, really emotional. As the song went on, I remember getting a bit shaky and just closing my eyes by the second verse. It was weird.”

Tome believes one of the reasons this album is more personal is because the band are finally growing up since the other members – Serge, Chris Edwards, Ian Matthews and Jay Mehler – all have kids.

He explained: to NME magazine “It’s just we’re at that age and reflecting on what’s happened since we were young. We’re going through all the memories and we’re looking back. Maybe it’s because we’ve got families.

“I feel that by singing these songs on this record, we’ve achieved a lot. It’s in homage to what we always wanted to be.”