Tinie Tempah counts music as the “one thing” that gave him a “purpose”.

The rapper struggled for years before he eventually got signed to a major label, and his debut single

‘Pass Out’ became a number one single in the UK, but he never gave up hope of fulfilling his dreams and was always sure music was his calling.

He said: “Music was the only thing that gave me passion, a dream, hunger.

“It was the one thing that gave me something to live for. At the end of the day people can get on with their normal everyday lives, but music made me realise. I had a purpose and work my butt off to achieve something.”

Meanwhile ‘Lights On’ singer Katy B said she views music as important because of the way it “enhances” people’s perception and makes them feel uplifted.

She said: “It enhances your feelings on everything, it makes you feel happy instantly. When girls break up with their boyfriends and they stick on a bit of Adele and feel better instantly!”

Both artists were speaking as part of the Music Matters campaign, which sees artists encourage people to download music legally and combat piracy to ensure a fair deal for all in the music industry.