Tinie Tempah may have ruined his chance of duetting with Dolly Parton because he fancies her.

The ‘Written In The Stars’ rapper has long been a fan of the surgically enhanced country singer – but while he dreams of recording a song with her, he also has a romantic interest in the blonde star.

He told The Sun newspaper: “Dolly really isn’t that bad to look at. I guess my mum made me comfortable with the fact that Dolly was a very voluptuous woman. My mum was always very vocal about that.

“I love everything about Dolly Parton. She has got massive boobs.”

However Tinie, 22, is worried his comments about 64-year-old Dolly’s figure could have ruined his chances of realising a collaboration, adding: “I have probably scared her away forever.”

Tinie even finds his crush strange himself, as he listened to Dolly’s music so much when he was young he began to think of her as like a member of his family.

He explained: “She almost became an indirect auntie of mine which makes it creepy that I’d be willing to go there. It really didn’t start as a lustful thing.”