Tinie Tempah is ”one track away” from completing his second album.
The ‘Frisky’ hitmaker is currently touring Australia, but has almost finished the record, ‘Demonstration’, and hopes to have it ready for release by May.
He told Noise11.com: ”We’re one track away. Before I came here to Australia, I recorded all the demo vocals, so Australia was the time I was going to let it sink in and become real, and it has.
”I think we’re going to go back in April and record everything properly, and by May it should all start seeping out, it’s sounding good, it’s sounding really, really good.”
Tinie, 23, had been hoping for a collaboration with Adele on the album, but ”backed away” when she was diagnosed with throat problems last year, requiring her to undergo surgery and leaving her unable to sing or even talk for months.
He added: ”Towards the middle of last year we met in Los Angeles properly and started hanging out a lot. And that was when I was kinda pushing for it the most. But after the throat thing she couldn’t really communicate and had to cancel shows. So I kinda just left it there. I really backed away.”
The rapper also said he will never stop using quintessentially English phrasing in his raps, which on his debut, ‘Disc-Overy’, included reference to cricket and the royal family.
He added: ”It’s all part of who I am, I think people need to know, especially when you’re going to countries like America where they’re not so aware of our pastimes or what we’re into, you need to tell them, I’m not trying to go to America to be American.”