The Vaccines have ”pretty much” finished writing their second album.
The ‘Wreckin’ Bar (Ra Ra Ra)’ band are ready to follow up ‘What Did You Expect From the Vaccines’ which they say builds on the sound they established on their first record.
Singer Justin Young told UK radio station XFM: ”We’ve pretty much got the next record finished now, in terms of writing and it definitely feels like they are along the same lines.
”All the qualities that were in the first record are in this batch of songs but hopefully they’ve grown a bit and they breathe a bit more and we’ve come along as players. It’s the next chapter really.”
Justin added the group feel its best for them to play to their strengths, and they are planning to start recording next month with a view to releasing it later this year.
He added: ”Ultimately it doesn’t matter how hard you try to do something – as a songwriter, as a musician – I think you are always innately inclined to play a certain way, to write a certain way.”
The Vaccines have already given fans a taste of their new tracks, with ‘No Hope’ and ‘Teenage Icon’ both part of their live sets.