The Ting Tings want to record a country album.
The duo are keen to follow their second record, ‘Sounds from Nowheresville’ up quickly, and are considering having a series of themes, starting with country.
Singer and guitarist Katie White exclusively told BANG Showbiz: ”I’d like to make more albums very quickly, just little concepts, like ‘let’s write a country album and spend a month and put it out.’
”Then it kind of makes a lot do decisions for you, if you know what I mean.”
Multi instrumentalist Jules De Martino added: ”I’ve been getting into country a lot in the last year too.”
The ‘Hang It Up’ group have told how they delete all of their songs which don’t work out, and haven’t got a cache of tracks they save to work on later.
Jules added: ”What goes on the record is part of that time and that’s it. There’s not like, ‘Oh we’ve got 30 songs stashed away on the shelf’ or anything.”
Jules added the group had to go through the ”pain barrier” to make ‘Sounds from Nowheresville’, which took them three years to write.
Jules added: ”This band write and produce all our own stuff, and we have to go off into our own little bubble. It’s very hard, you wanna have funs and be friends with people, but then there’s that moment when it’s like, ‘yeah, we’re going now’ and we need to go and do something, we need to go through the pain barrier. We had to go through the pain barrier to make the album.”
‘Sounds from Nowheresville’ is released on February 27 in Europe and March 15 in the US.