The Ting Tings inspired by sadness

Feb 05 2012 by
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The Ting Tings write better music when they are upset and don't think anyone would be interested in the music they write when they are happy.

The Ting Tings write better music when they are upset.
The ‘That’s Not My Name’ hitmakers – made up for duo Katie White and Jules de Martino – would not like to release a happy album because it would be unlikely people would want to buy it.
Jules said: ”We can only ever write anything when we’re down. Who wants to hear an album from an artist that’s happy? Because the content line tends to be, ‘I’m sitting on a beach, how’s life for you?’
”And right now a lot of people’s answer is likely to be, ‘Well not very good actually, we won’t buy your record.’ ”
The band recently revealed they deleted their second album when they were not happy with the results, and Katie admits it would have been easy to them to ”bash out” a second LP following the success of their first record.
She added: ”It would have been so easy to quickly bash out any old s**t off the back of the first album. Get in on the radio, have a cheap nasty hit. And we didn’t wanna do that. If we’re going to wreck it, we’d rather wreck it ourselves.”

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