The Script are happiest when they are performing.

The ‘Nothing’ group – who have just returned to Ireland following a successful US tour – said they don’t care whether they are playing a small gig or an arena show, they forget their troubles when they go onstage and turn into “The Script performance machine”.

Drummer Glen Power exclusively told BANG Showbiz: “As a band we’re at our happiest when we’re playing live on stage. The minute we walk on, anything that’s going on gets left at the side of the stage.

“We put the same show on every time we go on stage so it doesn’t matter if it’s a small venue or an arena tour. Put two people in front of us and we’ll turn into The Script performance machine. When the pressure’s on we get it done.”

Glen – who formed the band with Danny O’ Donoghue and Mark Sheehan – also revealed the ‘For The First Time’ hitmakers still can’t believe people across the globe want to hear them play.

He said: “To have fans around the world who actually want to come and see us play we’re never had that before. No matter what’s going on in your life you man up and get out there and you do the gig. It’s the fans that matter.”