The Rapture will take on one of their fans at bowling next week.

The ‘Olio’ group are playing a show in London as part of the Special Engagement Concert Series by, which aim to make the audience part of the show, and will see the band pitted against one fan on the lanes.

Singer Luke Jenner said: “Thanks to Dell, Intel and Noisey, we feel quite lucky to engage in far reaching ways to fans all over the world.

“This sounds like it should be a damn good bowling game, or concert, whichever you are most excited about.”

The audience will also involved in the show by choosing the group’s encore from four songs in an online vote, and they can also compete to design the cover and a T-shirt to accompany their new single, ‘Sail Away’.

One lucky fan will also get to join the band to play at the concert, by uploading a video of themselves playing the track ‘House of Jealous Lovers’, to Noisey’s site, with the band hand picking a winner from the five most popular.

The Rapture – which also includes drummer Vito Roccoforte and multi-instrumentalist Gabriel Andruzzi – will play at Rowan’s Bowling Alley in Finsbury Park on Monday (12.12.11), to vote, upload a video or to win tickets to the show visit