The Raconteurs are uncertain whether they will record another album.

The ‘Steady as She Goes’ hitmakers – which features former White Stripes musician Jack White and Brendan Benson – are currently on tour in the US but admit they don’t know if there will ever be a follow-up record to 2008’s ‘Consolers of the Lonely’.

Bassist Jack Lawrence said: “It’s hard to say. We’re all doing other projects, still, so it’s hard to tell what’s going to happen. We never really plan anything; it just depends on what the mood is with all of us. But if it feels right, by the time we do these shows I’m sure we’ll want to do more and we’ll make some time for it.”

However, Jack admits much of what the band does is spontaneous, so there may be a change of heart for the group in future.

Speaking about the shock announcement of their first live dates in three years, he told “That’s how it always comes about with us – without much planning. Something starts stirring the kettle, and all of a sudden we’re playing. That’s it. We got a couple offers for these festivals, and I think it just felt like the right time to try to get back together and do a few shows and see how we do since we last left off.”