The Horrors’ Faris Badwan doesn’t like lyrics to be “too pretentious”.

The 24-year-old lead singer in the band – which is also made up of Joshua Hayward (guitar) Tom Cowan (synthesizer and bass) Rhys Webb (bass and organs) and Joseph Spurgeon (drums) – prefers people to “make their own insights” into his words.

He said: “I know everyone succumbs to the odd cliche and everyone writes a rotten lyric, but I never like them to seem too planned out or pretentious. I like it when people make their own insights.”

Rhys revealed the group – who have previously released albums ‘Strange House’ and ‘Primary Colours’ – wanted to experiment on their latest record ‘Skying’ and touch on their combined interest of a “warped sense of reality”.

He said: “I think you can really paint a picture with music. The early stuff was quite straightforward and monochrome. I think we did want to go technicolour and psychedelic and explore what we could do with what we had to do it with.

“We’re all interested in that feeling of a warped sense of reality, elevation in music and the way music can affect the listener and how you feel when you hear it. It’s a really powerful thing. The idea of elevation and euphoria is something that we like.”