The Fray got the idea to call their latest album ‘Scars & Stories’ after watching ‘Lethal Weapon 3’.
The ‘How to Save a Life’ hitmakers came to the decision that blemishes are ”sexy” after watching the 1992 movie, which features a scene in which Mel Gibson’s alter-ego shows off his scars to Rene Russo’s character before getting naked.
Singer Isaac Slade told Absolute Radio: ”I think scars are really sexy and there’s kind of a moment in a relationship where you show them to somebody and they get to see that stuff that you’ve been through.
”There’s this scene I was thinking of in ‘Lethal Weapon 3’ I think, of Mel Gibson and Rene Russo, and it’s that thing where they’re like ‘Oh I’ve got a bigger scar than you’, ‘Oh I’ve got a bigger…’, and the next thing you know they’re naked.”
Isaac fulfilled a lifelong ambition by touring with U2 last year, and he has remained friends with the ‘Beautiful Day’ band’s frontman Bono, who gives him great advice.
Speaking before performing a gig as part of Absolute Radio’s Sessions at London’s The Hard Rock Cafe last night (07.03.12), Isaac added: ”I don’t call him very often but we chat, he’s nice.
”He seems to be really good at not taking himself too seriously, he’s like ‘Its music, this is awesome. It’s not like we’re running a government or something, it’s great’.
”He kind of communicates that through a lot of the advice he gives, even on the worst day its like ‘Come on, it’s an awesome job’.”
The Fray wowed the crowd at the intimate gig with a stripped back performance on their hits including ‘How to Save a Life’, ‘Over My Head’ and new single ‘Heartbeat’ before Isaac finished the set with a solo acoustic rendition of the group’s 2009 song ‘Happiness’.
Highlights from the gig and interview will be played out on Absolute Radio on March 8 from 8pm. For more visit