The Darkness’ new album is influenced by Dire Straits.

The recently reformed ‘Cannonball’ group are putting the finishing touches to their comeback album, and have a surprising musical influence to add to “AC/DC, Queen and Aerosmith” which informed their first two records.

Guitarist Dan Hawkins said: “There’s some really great, almost ‘Dire Straits’ Strat stuff from [lead singer and guitarist] Justin on the record. That’s a big influence.”

The record was made in Dan’s home studio and the band say it was influenced by stories from the town of Lowestoft in East England where they all grew up.

Justin added: “Home is where the heart is. When you write songs, you need a grounding to set the stories in.

“There’s a lot about small-town life. The album has songs about stuff that’s happened to us in the town.”

The group also made a triumphant comeback at Download festival earlier this summer, which boosted their confidence by a large amount.

Dan added: “Download was a similar feeling to the whistle going and you’ve won the final. We have scored a few own-goals along the way, though.”