The Cure don’t want to ”capitalise” on their success by a releasing a new album.
The ‘Love Cats’ band are headlining a number of major festivals over the summer, but have resisted requests to accompany the shows with new material because they would rather focus on putting on a good performance.
Singer Robert Smith said: ”We’ve been going for so long that we don’t feel the urge to capitalise on everything all the time. I mean, we’re headlining pretty much every major European festival and we won’t have anything released.
”Anyone else would be tearing their hair out. They’ll be like, ‘You’re idiots!’ And perhaps we are. It’s almost like we’ve gone full circle and we’re back to the point where we’re playing England’s Reading and Leeds festivals and I’m solely doing it because I want to be a good day.”
The singer – who has fronted the band since they formed in the 1977 – added he’s not interested in releasing new songs unless they can stand up to the strength of the band’s back catalogue.
He added to NME magazine: ”To be honest, if we’re going to do something it has to be really good. That sort of goes without saying, but out quality control is very high, and if I don’t think that what we’re doing is good enough then there is no point in putting it out. Why should I?”