The Black Keys make ever more “drastic changes” to their sound with each album.

The ‘Lonely Boy’ group feel as they get older each of their records has had a marked progression, culminating with their latest album ‘El Camino’.

Drummer Patrick Carney told “Every time we make a record we try and do something different. It seems like the more records we make the more drastic the change.

“When we first started out, we made three records in pretty quick succession and there are changes on those albums, each one is very different, but as you get older and more experienced, those changes become more and more pronounced.”

He added ‘El Camino’ – produced by Brian ‘Danger Mouse’ Burton – has a different approach to their previous album, ‘Brothers’, which was heavily influenced by the hip hop of their Blackroc project, which saw them collaborate with rappers.

Patrick added: “`Brothers’ was made right after the Blackroc project. Focusing on subtle grooves and bass, melody was more of an afterthought. For this album, it was the opposite and melody played a far bigger role.”

The Black Keys – completed by singer and guitarist Dan Auerbach – release ‘El Camino’ today (06.12.11).