It’s an (unscientific) fact that listening to Beyonce burns 2.4% more cals when working out. Here are 3 streaming services to keep the tunes (and the sweat) flowing when you’re on your grind:

Fit Radio (Free)
The perfect marriage of art (DJ-curated playlists) and science (designed to maintain a consistent BPM throughout your workout). 

Rithm ($3.99/month)
Think Whatsapp for music: A constantly evolving playlist/convo of what your friends are listening to right now.

Tidal ($10-$20/month)
Like Spotify, but better sound quality and Jay-Z/Alicia/DeadMau5/Arcade Fire endorsed.

Rdio (Free)
32 million songs, countless mood appropriate “stations”, no FM or AM dial required.

Apple (rumoured to be $10/month)
The company behind iTunes is reportedly poised to announce their alternative to Spotify, and in so doing render all these other options obsolete.

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