Sugababes’ new album will be more revealing of the groups’ personalities.

The ‘Red Dress ‘ group – comprised of Jade Ewen, Heidi Range and Amelle Berrabah -had a great deal of input into the writing of their latest, as-yet-untitled record, and feel it is less “Americanised” than their last album, ‘Sweet 7’.

Heidi said: “‘Sweet 7’ was more Americanised. That was never the intention, but we recorded the whole album in America, and I think that definitely shows on the record. This is a big more of a mix of the people we were working with, it’s not just people from there.

Jade added to website DigitalSpy: “With this album you definitely get more of a sense of us as a line up, and the influences, and us in the studio and the things we want to talk about and express how we feel. Which is good for us as well, because when you perform a track you want to feel and believe it, and if you don’t believe it, then the audience members won’t – they’ll see right through it.

The group have described the sound of the record as “big” and “epic” and say they have hit a creative peak while making it.

Jade said: “We’ve pretty much finished the album, we just don’t want to stop yet. We keep going until the last minute, that way we can cherry pick the best songs, and sometimes when you’re on a creative roll, you don’t want to stop – once you get into the routine of it, you always get these last minute gems.”

Heidi added: “I remember with ‘Push the Button’ it was the very last thing we had done, we thought we had the first single, and everything. It’s funny how it works.”

The Sugababes new single ‘Freedom’ will be released on September 18.