The Script didn’t feel successful until their second album went to number one.

The ‘Nothing’ hitmakers hit the top spot in the UK this year with ‘Science and Faith’ but drummer Glen Power revealed he and bandmates Danny O’Donoghue and Mark Sheehan feel like they are just getting started on their career.

He exclusively told BANG Showbiz: “You can’t predict what’s going to happen next, you don’t want to get cocky because we spent so long trying to get where we are now that we don’t want to sit back and think that we’ve made it. In many ways we don’t feel like we’ve made it at all, we feel like we’re on our way now, we feel like we’ve got started.”

Glen revealed getting to number one for the second time has now convinced the Irish group they are capable of being successful and they couldn’t be happier.

He said: “For us to get the second album to number one was a validation of what we’re doing and as musicians and being in a band it’s such a great stamp on your career to say ‘we’ve done this twice now’ so maybe we’re doing the right thing.

“It secured our future in our minds and made us realise that we can actually make a career and a life out of this. It’s what we’ve always wanted so to finally get to a point where we can be a success it’s such a beautiful thing.”

The Script’s single ‘Nothing’ is out now.