Stereophonics couldn’t believe their bandname hadn’t been used before.

The ‘Dakota’ hitmakers took their moniker from an old musical device they found in the house of late drummer Stuart Cable’s parents and jokingly claim they would have been called something else if the equipment – a cross between a radio and a gramophone – had been manufactured by another company.

Frontman Kelly Jones explained on Absolute Radio’s ‘Ronnie Wood Show’: “There’s an old radiogram in the studio, and that’s what we got the band’s name from. Stuart’s dad used to have an old radiogram in his house and it said Falcon Stereophonic on it, so that’s where we nicked the name, just off one of those things there.

“We couldn’t believe it hadn’t been used actually because it was on all the old jukeboxes and everything, but nobody nicked it, so we were quite chuffed with that, we had that.

“It could have been the Monophonics, or it could have been Murphy.”

Kelly also believes the group owe their career to a box of matches after they inspired their 1997 track ‘A Thousand Trees’ which landed them a record deal after receiving a lot of radio airplay.

He explained: “I nicked it off a box of matches, England Glory. It said on the back ‘It only takes one tree to make a thousand matches but one match to burn a thousand trees’, so I nicked it and got a record deal.”