Slipknot are unsure if they will continue after their forthcoming tour.

The group are preparing to play their first shows since the death of bassist Paul Gray last May and frontman Corey Taylor has admitted the heavy metal band are waiting to see the response from fans before making a decision on whether to record or perform together in the future.

He said: “It’s gonna be a little bittersweet at the end of the day. But, you know, for me, this is kind of a baby step towards seeing what’s gonna happen later. And nothing is happening immediately; I can tell everyone that. We have no plans for an album, we have no plans to do anything other than this tour at the moment. But if it goes well, if everyone is able to kind of pull together and really do what’s right for Paulie, then we’ll see what happens.”

Corey – who also fronts the band Stone Sour – expects the tour dates to be “emotional” but hopes the group can do their late bandmate justice with a “celebration” of his life.

He added to WGRD radio: “Honestly, I’ve tried to figure out how to prepare for it and there really isn’t a way; you just kind of have to prepare yourself for what you’re going to do, and the emotions will naturally come; you just have to prepare yourself to be able to do what you’re gonna do.

“The way that we’ve been approaching is that it’s a celebration of Paul, it’s a celebration of his music, it’s a celebration of the band that he and [percussionist] Clown started and then we helped make what it is. So, to me, I’m gonna try to keep the positivity as much as possible”