Slash has started work on his second solo album.

The ‘By the Sword’ rocker tweeted this morning (03.08.11) to say production has begun on the record, after arriving back in Los Angeles from playing a concert in Serbia over the weekend.

He tweeted: “Started 2nd round of pre prod today. It’s going to be a rockin’ fn’ record! Iii|; )(sic)”

Previously he had detailed his journey back to the US, writing: “Left Serbia 8am, just arrived in LA, 10:30pm. Delays, broken toilets, u name it. Gotta love Delta.”

Two days previously, he tweeted plans to start on the new album, saying: “We’ve put together some killer material for new record. Will keep u posted! ii|; ) (sic).”

The former Guns ‘N’ Roses guitarist had an all star cast of singers on his 2010 debut – including Ozzy Osbourne, Fergie, Iggy Pop and Adam Levigne – but confirmed this time he will work with his live vocalist Myles Kennedy on all the tracks.

He previously said: “Myles and I have been writing all throughout the tour so we’ve got a lot of material, we’re starting pre-production in June and then do the tour in July.

“In September we’re going to do more pre-production and the album is slated to come out in March or April.”

It is not currently known if Slash has hired a producer for the record, or where he is planning to record it.