Slash recording up to Christmas

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Slash is hoping to record seven songs in the run up to Christmas this week.

Slash is hoping to record seven songs this week.

The legendary guitarist is working full steam ahead in a Los Angeles studio until Christmas, laying down tracks for his second solo album, hoping to double the amount he’s already completed.

He tweeted yesterday (19.12.11): “Back in the studio tomorrow to do song #7. This is our last week before Xmas/NY, then resume recording on the 2nd (sic).

A few hours later he added: “1 song down, getting drums set up for song #2 for the day. Is it possible to get 7 more done before Xmas? Who knows. Iii|; ) (sic)’

Slash also joked about the use of the cowbell drum – a fixture associated with disco and 70s rock – on the record, adding: “The 70’s called & asked for their cowbell back. We said ‘sc**w u, we’re keeping it.'”

The former Guns N’ Roses musician has been blasting out the tracks while recording with his band – which includes singer Myles Kennedy, rhythm guitarist Bobby Schneck, bassist Todd Kerns and drummer Brent Fitz – and they have had the studio dog, Elsie, running scared.

Slash added: “Elsie is one serious R & R mfn’ dog. She is going to get a rude awakening I fear. She got trapped in the bass iso for the duration of a song. She is permanently shell shocked. Probably won’t see her tomorrow.”

Tracks which may appear on the album include ‘Halo’, ‘Standing in the Sun’ and ‘Bad Rain’.

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