Sir Paul McCartney will include the song he wrote for his wedding day on his new album.

The Beatles legend sung a track called ‘My Valentine’ when he tied the knot with third wife Nancy Shevell in London in October, and it is one of two original songs to be included on his next album, which will largely be covers of tracks he grew up listening to.

The personal lyrics to the song include: “And I will love her / for life. And I will never let a day go by / without remembering / the reasons why / she makes me certain / that I can fly.”

The studio version of ‘My Valentine’ features a guest contribution from guitar legend Eric Clapton, and Paul has said the track was very easy for him to write.

He said in a recent radio interview:”My Valentine just kind of popped out and wrote itself almost, and I thought ‘that’s nice’.”

Meanwhile Paul finds it “unbelievable” the music of The Beatles – which included the late John Lennon and George Harrison, as well as Ringo Starr – lives on and continues to connect with younger generations.

He told The Sun: “It is amazing that the music lives on. We didn’t expect The Beatles to last 10 years, we expected it to last a couple of years because that’s how long everything lasted in those days.

“Suddenly it was 10 years, then it was 20 years and now it’s coming up for 50 years next year. It’s just totally unbelievable.”