Seal believes Amy Winehouse is irreplaceable.

The ‘Kiss From A Rose’ hitmaker is a huge fan of the tragic singer – who died at her home in London, aged 27 earlier this year – and says her single ‘Love Is A Losing Game’ broke his heart the first time he heard it.

He said: “I like Amy Winehouse, there is no one like her and there never will be. Her ‘Back to Black’ album is just – I remember listening to ‘Love Is a Losing Game’ for the first time and it broke my heart just listening to it.”

Although Seal is not a fan of modern pop music, there are some artists he admires such as Katy Perry.

He explained to “The pop songs that are out nowadays that I do like are based on classical music, I love Katy Perry’s ‘Teenage Dream’ that song has like four hooks in it and it clearly follows a classical song structure.

“I don’t actually know if she wrote that track. I think I met one of the writers on the panel of a music showcase we were both at and I remember congratulating her. I also love ‘Firework,’ it’s a great album and I think she should have won Album of the Year at the Grammys.”