Ryan Gosling was “relieved” not to get an Oscar nomination for ‘Blue Valentine’.

The Canadian actor – who starred alongside Michelle Williams in the romantic drama movie about a couple falling out of love – admits he was glad he didn’t receive a nod from the Academy Awards as it meant his co-star, who did get nominated, had to do the lion’s share of work.

He said: “I was relieved. It was perfect for me because Michelle got nominated so I didn’t have to do anything! She had to do all the work.”

However he admits the process of promotion was different for ‘Blue Valentine’ compared to when he was Oscar-nominated for ‘Half Nelson’ because they had the backing of film mogul Harvey Weinstein.

He added: “With ‘Half Nelson’ there was no campaigning; I just suddenly got nominated. But on ‘Blue Valentine’ we were with Harvey Weinstein who had us on the whole campaign trail.

“You really saw how much you have to do for these things. You have lunches and shake all the hands and you write notes to people. It’s so stressful, and you don’t know why you’re stressed out, you just are.”