Ronnie Wood ”helped raise” Mark Ronson.
The Rolling Stones star was close friends with the record producer’s father Laurence – a real estate entrepreneur in his younger years – and he reveals he used to take drugs in front of him when he was a child.
He said: ”I helped raise him! Me and his dad Laurence used to stay up late round at Laurence’s house and this little kid would be on the stairs.
”We’d be playing music and getting high and the little kid would be clocking it, and it was little Mark.”
It was only years later the 64-year-old rocker was aware of how famous Mark – who has previously worked with Amy Winehouse, Lily Allen and the Kaiser Chiefs – had become.
He added to the Independent newspaper: ”Years on down the road there was this huge star, good looking guy, and it turned out to be little Mark! ‘Come and sit on my lap!’ It used to be.”