Roll Deep say Wiley is still ”be involved” with their music.
The producer and rapper is taking a back seat and will not appear on the ‘Picture Perfect’ band’s new album, out later this year, but rapper Flow Dan said he is still very much a member of the group.
He exclusively told BANG Showbiz: ”You need to understand Wiley, you gotta understand that if you’re going to take every word he says seriously you won’t be able to get him anyway.
”Wiley’s about the music, and he’s only about the music – so if we’re making music he’s probably going to be involved.
”At the rest of the time, even with his own projects, he might make a song today and like it today, then not like it tomorrow, and he’ll say that. And you I’ll think, ‘But you made the song yesterday, how can you not like it already?’ That’s just him.
”Away from that, he’s our friend forever.”
Meanwhile, Flow Dan also thinks the grime genre the group were associated with when they started out in 2002 is getting ”stronger every day”.
He added: ”Grime is getting stronger and stronger every day. It’s going to be there forever, it’s going to go on. The kids don’t want to hear 50 Cent, they want to be like Wiley, Roll Deep, Chipmunk, so that means it’s here forever.”
Roll Deep – who had two number one singles in the UK in 2010 – release ‘Picture Perfect’ on January 23.