Robbie Williams is finishing off 30 songs for his new solo album.

The ‘Angels’ hitmaker is throwing himself back into his solo career after finishing a European tour with Take That – which wrapped up in Munich, Germany on Friday (29.07.11) – vowing to lock himself away to work on new lyrics for his ninth studio album.

He wrote on his official website: “Well i have (it seems) a mountain of songs to finish lyrics for. So many tunes are in a good shape now. Maybe 30 knocking around and that’s not including old ones that never made [‘Reality Killed the Video Star’] (sic).

“The future’s bright, i’m looking at my most consistent album to date. I have a month to tie up loose ends lyric-wise (sic).

“I will remember all your kind words about what my songs mean to you as i struggle for 8 hours over one rhyming couplet – this seems to happen more and more often these days (sic).”

Robbie admitted he is completely worn out by the Take That tour, but has nevertheless vowed to go back on the road again soon.

He added to his fans: “This won’t be the end of our contact. I shall be back periodically

and will keep you in mind always. We have to do a small friendly tour- that seed is planted. I’ll be blogging photos and bits and pieces for the time being (sic).