Red Hot Chili Peppers feel is it “irrelevant” whether people like their new album, ‘I’m With You’.

The ‘Give it Away’ band’s bass player, Flea, feels the most important thing for the group is always to expand their musical horizons, regardless of whether it wins them new fans or not.

He told The Guardian newspaper: “Ultimately, whether people like this new record, or us as a band, is irrelevant to me.

“Being good and playing the songs is not enough. Being entertaining isn’t enough – I don’t give a s**t about that.

“We must improvise and we must experiment and we must do things that might go wrong and everything we bring – the people and the equipment – must serve us in that goal.”

While the band have had a career of nearly 30 years, frontman Anthony Keidis admits the group never even thought about being in a band as a career, and only formed as a joke one night in 1983.

He said: “You know, we never thought about being in a rock’n’roll band forever.

“We only ever wanted to play one night. Then all the craziness happened. We really did control Los Angeles for some time – it was like our own private monarchy!”

The Red Hot Chilli Peppers’ new album, ‘I’m With You’ will be released on August 29.