Phil Ramone was reminded of Bob Dylan when working with Rachael Sage.

The acclaimed producer – who has previously worked with stars including Billy Joel and Paul Simon – teamed up with the US singer to work on tracks for the deluxe edition of her album ‘Delancey Street’ and praised her “unusual” approach to writing and recording.

He said: “She has a very unusual way of treating a pop song. I admire her editorial and musical ability when it comes to crafting a tune. She writes a fantastic hook, something I recognised within the second verse of when she played me ‘Hey Nah’. She very much reminded me of Dylan in the way she approaches her work.”

Rachael and Phil were introduced by a mutual friend and the singer was “honoured” to team with the producer.

She said: “Obviously it’s an enormous honour just to meet someone who’s helped create so many incredible records – so actually working together was certainly a dream come true.”

‘Delancey Street – Deluxe’ is released in Europe on June 13.